Agendas & Minutes


It is the mission of the Lebanon High School Alumni board to secure the continued tradition of the Alumni Day activities by providing means for all Lebanon High School alumni to congregate on an annual basis and promote school spirit, good will and camaraderie within each class. We are committed to participating in the further education of the graduating class through the established scholarship fund.


Our next meeting is scheduled for May 11th. All are welcome!

LHS @ 5:30 pm - NEW TIME




Board Members Present: Dianne Grant, Sue McBain, Linda Bagley, David Muzzy, Becky Kidder, Sue Desrosiers & Denise Shibles

-Minutes: Unanimous vote taken to accept Nov. minutes as written.

-Treasurer's Report: unanimous vote to accept the Treasurer's Report.

- Newsletter: Any corrections were given to Sue D. Wonderful job done! Postcards will go out toward the end of the month, as well as the newsletter (when done by printer).

-Parade: David reported that he hired the Hill Band.

Nine floats have registered:

57 Old Man and the Sea

72 I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus

77 I Love Lucy

82 High Noon

87 Bandstand

92 Curious George Rides a Bike

97 Charlott's Web

02 Mr. Potato Head

Suggestions for music: LHS Band, Leb Jr High and Mascoma High

Security is all set: Hunter North

2017 idea- invite those born in 1952 to be on a float or walk

2018 idea- invite Honor Society to ride on a float

Theme 2018: Be thinking!!!

-Agamek sign: Dianne is searching for a maroon vinyl for the backing.

-Banquet: Jen & Micky Grant have volunteered to "man" the door to check in guests.

-Scholarship: Denise clarified that seniors whose grandparents attended can be considered for a scholarship. Also, include West Lebanon graduates. Discussed exact meaning of "4 year" scholarship( consecutive years?). Sue M will create language and email to everyone.

-Meeting discussion: Should we create a standing rule that we will not meet in Dec, Jan & Feb? Decision is No, keep the same as years past, but plan on no meetings

-Class monies: The goal is to dispense all monies by 2022. If classes do no designate where funds should go, they become Alumni funds.

-Next meeting: April 13th

Meeting adjourned.

Denise D. Shibles, Secretary

We need your help! If you don't have the time to commit to monthly meetings, please consider helping us out on Alumni Day. We need lots of help with getting tents, tables, chairs, etc from our storage unit to the park on Saturday morning. We then have to turn around in the afternoon to pack everything back up and get it all back to the storage unit. We also need people to help sell our hats, t-shirts, etc, help collect dues and man the guest books along with getting the floats in line for the parade. If you can lend a hand for any part of the day, please contact a board member today. Thank You!