Welcome Alumni!



It is the mission of the Lebanon High School Alumni board to secure the continued tradition of the Alumni Day activities by providing means for all Lebanon High School alumni to congregate on an annual basis and promote school spirit, good will and camaraderie within each class. We are committed to participating in the further education of the graduating class through the established scholarship fund.


The board held a special meeting to set the date for Alumni Day next year. We're moving it out one week to June 17, 2023. This will get us past Dartmouth graduation while hopefully keeping it close enough to the end of the school year before families head out for summer vacation. At this point, we've just focused on the parade, but we will be discussing other Alumni events when we begin our regular monthly meetings on Sept 8th. Please consider joining the board. We meet once a month and the meetings average 90 minutes - more or less. We're only a board of 10 and sure could use the help.


We are in desperate need of board members that live locally. You’ll note that we are offering only the parade and park event this year. Our board is down to only 8 active members, and that is just not enough to organize and run a dinner or dance of any type.

Also gone is the annual golf tournament that helped fund our Scholarship account. It takes people to make these events happen, and we just do not have enough board members to make them happen.

We will continue to organize the parade as long as we can, and as long as the interest is there. But with only 4 actual floats participating in last years’ parade, and only 4 floats currently registered for this year, it appears that the interest is falling off.

It's a sad feeling to see this Association dwindle, but it’s inevitable. We’ve known for a long time that membership is down since many of the graduates of recent years have no true ties to LHS, as many of us do that graduated prior to the 2000’s.

Times change, the economy becomes unfavorable and families that came here for employment have moved on. It’s life.

This all being said, we are here to keep at least some of our traditions going for as long as possible. If we can pick up more board members, we have a better chance of doing just that, and maybe even growing! We meet once a month from September to June and meetings normally last 60-90 minutes. If you have the time and want to jump on board, please contact a board member today.

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