Parade Information

Alumni Day - To Be Announced

Parade Theme - To Be Announced


Register your float today by contacting Denise at

Did you know that no matter what anniversary year this is for your class, you are welcome to join in the fun? Most classes choose to enter a float every five years, so that is usually where the focus is.


First Place = $150; Second Place = $125 and Third Place = $100

Please Be Respectful. Alumni Day is a day of fun and the rekindling of old friendships. The parade and the accompanying activities are put together for the purpose of bringing us all together as one. The spirit of the float competition provides a little spice and excitement to the day. Everyone in each class puts 100% in making their floats the best they can be. We have been amazed over the years with the overwhelming participation of many of the classes in the construction of the floats. While every class cannot bring home a trophy, you can rest assured that the Lebanon High School Alumni Board recognizes your creative efforts and the amount of time you spend on your floats to help make the annual Alumni Day Parade one of which to be proud. Please keep the banter friendly and respectful when speaking of the floats. It is more important that the values instilled by good sportsmanship serve our alumni community for many years to come. Let the fun begin!

Parade Rules and Information

Floats are to be registered with Denise Dennis Shibles at Floats must be registered by June 1 st in order to be eligible for judging. First come, first registered. Floats not registered by June 1 st are still welcome.

For Obvious Safety Reasons, ONLY FLOATS are to enter at the CCBA end of Taylor Street from 9:00 to 10:00 AM. There will be someone there to direct you to your staging area. Parade participants must park in an adjoining parking lot. Do NOT ask security to let you into the float area. There is easy access to the float area from the parking lot behind City Hall/Mascoma Bank. Judging begins promptly at 11:00 AM

Presentaion of awards for the top 3 floats will be at 12:00 NOON in the float parking lot.


1. Classes are required to have their theme and year of graduation visible from the front of the float/truck.

2. Float participants need to be on their float no later than 10:30 AM for judging to begin at 11:00 AM.

3. Select once classmate to be spokesperson. S\he will be responsible for exlaining your float to the judges.

4. There will be no drinking of alcoholic beverages or use of a controlled substance on or around the floats at any time before or during the parade -This is grounds for disqualification and removal from the event.


5. Children are allowed to participate.There must be 1 adult to supervise each group of 4 children, whether they are on the float or walking beside. The adult must stay with their group of 4 at all times. Bicycles, scooters, rollerblades/skates, skate boards are prohibited in the parade.

6. No part of the float shall measure higher than 12 feet from the pavement. (due to wires)

7. Due to insurance restrictions, no live animals are allowed in the parade — with the exception of horses (restrictions apply.)

8. STATE LAW: "No person may use any type of vehicle with protruding or outrigger wheels in a parade unless the vehicle is suitably modified to protect both riders and pedestrians from the wheel assembly."

9. NOTHING IS TO BE THROWN FROM THE FLOAT (including water)- Participants walking alongside their float may gently toss candy\treats into the crowd and AWAY from the float.

10. Participants SHALL NOT attempt to get on/off any float once the parade is underway.

11. Drivers shall follow the vehicle/group in front of them at a safe pace, but do not lag behind or stop along the route.

All floats will be judged in the following areas, a total of 25 points can be earned:

1. Quality

-Handmade\Construction: costumes, signs, decorations, furniture — earn up to 5 points

-Finished Look: painted, no rough edges, overall coverage of trailer — earn up to 5 points

2. Action

-Technology: water, mechanics, lights, sound — earn up to 5 points

-Class energy (not # of participants): actions appropriate to float theme — earn up to 5 pts

3. How well your float represents your class theme – earn up to 5 points

We have supplied a dumpster for your convenience in breaking down your float. Please break down cardboard and other bulky itmes in order to give everyone room. No tires, paint or other items we will be charged extra for.

NOTE: Please remember to thank your truck drivers .  Even though you may have paid for the use of your trailer, that is usually for the only.  The drivers come out year after year for us and usually on their own time.  Please think about compensating your driver.  We suggest a gratuity of $100.